Mixmp3 Monday #1

November 22, 2010

Howdy neighbor, Jmo here to bring you some freshness for your ears son! Monday is almost over but I’m still able to share with you “Mixmp3 Monday”. I’ve been listening to these two mixtapes over the weekend and though I’d share. First up is:

Traphik – MIXEDAPE:

Click on image to download!

Traphik’s “MIXEDAPE” that he released last week, is a combination of original songs, covers and songs from his popular Youtube videos. It’s a really good mix with, “Throw Em Out” getting it started, one of my favs. Also I really like the “Baby” (live remix) cover he has on there. It sounds great and it’s pretty funny that the next song that follows it is “Bubble Guts”.

Girl Talk – All Day:

Click on image to download!

So apparently you can release an album filled with mash ups and samples and you can break the internet as well. Girl Talk released “All Day” last Monday and it was so popular, people had a hard time downloading it off his site. It was even a trending topic on Twitter. Krazy. It has samples from various artist thru out the years, mixing the beat from Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.” with the rapping from M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”. It works. Krazy. Favorite mix is in “Let it Out” at 1:25 with Juicy J twurkn’ it over Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky”.

Come back next Monday and see if I update this blog again for the second edition of Mixmp3 Monday!!!!


Vlogging. Sharing Your Home Movies to Millions of People.

October 28, 2009

Ha found something to write about!

Ok vlogging. That’s video + blogging. You can catch the most of these guys and girls on Youtube and most are quite entertaining. In the beginning of summer this year, I started watching the “SHAYTARDS“. A family who moved from the mid-west (I think) to LA, featuring Shaycarl as Daddytard and Mommytard, Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and their dog Maliki(?). Shay brings the laughs to family, he reminds me of my friend Wes. He’s got a beard and everything! Mommytard is very pretty, sweet and such a loving mother. Oh who am I kidding, she’s hot son! The kids bring the cuteness to the max. Having Babytard in the thumbnail, is like a guaranteed million views.

They’ve been going for awhile now, planning to do a vlog everyday for a year. Some vloggers are doing the same thing and seems pretty common. The views these videos get are crazy! The popular one’s have such a huge following that, some are so attached to them, like their friends with them or something. People have been following them for months and comment and rate 5 stars for every video.

So once I was following the SHAYTARDS, I got used to seeing their friends and co-workers, then I started watching their videos and subscribing to their channels. Watching AlphaLavie is great because they’re both talented in what they do and you get to see behind the scenes of Alphacat’s videos or Lisa Lavie practicing for her performance. But that’s when they get their videos up…They’ve been a little behind but I’m sure they been very busy and continuing to record every day. They have a loyal but small following but imagined if SHAYTARDS or CTFxC missed several days. There might be riots! LoL. I’ve been following CTFxC vlogs for a few weeks right when Charles proposed to Alli and got sooooo used to them being in Spain, that when they got back to Tampa, FL early this week, I was like, what’s going on here?! Where did these dogs come from? Is Charles spanish going to get any better? Are we going to see Ben the Irish bartender ever again? OMG I can’t take this change! LoL jk. So yeah, you can see how attached some people get, waiting for the video to uploaded and stuff. Also I’ve been watching “theTimothyDeLaGhetto” since he started and his is really funny. I expect to see him doing big things in the future. Or at least continue to be doing poop and masturbation jokes…

So yeah, my time on the internets is now mostly spent on Youtube, watching people talk into a camera, about their day and random and funny shit they see. Imagined if Yo! Jmo did a vlog every single day for a year! I would be the most popular person on Youtube that has an afro, ever! Oh and Mark would be my Babytard.

Things that don’t make sense.

April 12, 2009

Hey Atanas, how’s it going? Oh what are you pointing at?


Lets take a closer look shall we?


Someone thought, that was a good idea. LoL.

And Then I Met Frotography is #1!

April 10, 2009

YES! YES! YES! We did it Marcin! We won Vimeo’s weekend project! “And Then I Met Frotography” was pick by the staff and I got my upload limit bump up and internet bragging right! I’m so excited right now! When I got the news, I rolled around my bed like, a little school girl getting tickled! Now this is a great way to start off the weekend!

Again huge thanks to MZ and to Jared Wells for letting me parody him and having an awesome video!

And Then I Met Frotography.

April 10, 2009

I saw on Vimeo.com, that they had a weekend project, where you would imitate a video that inspired you. With DVP class at Full Sail, the first video Mac showed us was, Jared Well’s “And Then I Met Photography”. I’ve seen it before hand and it seems like everyone refers to it.

So I decided to imitate it and make a little video about my afro. I told MZ about it and he started sending ideas to me and the next day we film it in about a hour. At first it was going to be called; “And Then I grew an Afro”. After filming the next day MZ, sent a text that said; “And then I met frotography?” Yes! That title is awesome!

Be sure to watch both videos to get the full dose of it. Music: “Ladyflash” and “Junior Kickstart” by The Go! Team. “Say it so” by Mateo.

Note: my audio is not the best. That’s what happens when you’re editing two video at the same time:)

Cloud Conquers my face!

April 7, 2009

Well I just got rocked by Cloud Conquers City awhile ago, as they performed at their cd release show at the social. They were awesome as usual and their new (and old) songs sounded great! I car pooled with MZ, so that meant, time to get buzzed up son!

Also their was this chick that I was feeling but…later found out…she was a lesbian…then…there was this other, smoking hot brunette with nice heels on but I…Oh whatever this night was all about CCC! LOL! Yeah. I know.

Props to the other bands that played before Cx3, especially the band who covered TI’s “Whatever You Like”!(Update! Found them, They’re After Play Rewind. Check out the cover @ their Myspace page. That shit came out of nowhere and I was feeling that like krazy and MZ was like, “calm yo ass down J-Fro” and I was like, “no MZ you can have whatever you like, whooo!”

Oh and the “Double A Girls” were there, enjoying the show as well:) Best of luck to CCC on their tour and be sure to check them out ya’ll!

Cloud Conquers City’s Myspace Page.

Pew Pew Pew! And Uconn Lost:(

April 5, 2009

This Saturday was pretty fun, but obviously not as fun as the epic beach trip I had! Anyways, Mark, Atanas, Yaric, Zabala and yours truly went to the shooting range again today. Before we even got there, I new I wanted to shoot this weapon:


This gun is different from the range’s gun. The gun was 9mm and had a front grip and a red dot sight! Yes attachments son! The gun was so awesome! It had barely any recoil and was really accurate. Check out my first target:

Tore that shit up!

Tore that shit up!

The second time around we had a little competition. It was me shooting first then, Yaric then, Zabala, all shooting from 40ft. Here was my target:

Tore that shit up again!

Tore that shit up again!

Yaric of course had to cheat by, placing the weapon on the table part of the stale.

Next up was a HK weapon, which kept on jamming on us until we figured it out. Here was my target for this one:

Didn't really tore this one up...

Didn't really tore this one up...

Zabala’s target was excellent, he had that weapon locked down. The HK was good but man, the SR 15 was amazing! I can’t wait to use that one again next time. More pics should be up by this week.

Also Uconn lost today:( I was at Kamil’s house, who just happens to be a Michigan State fan, watching the game on a nice projector. They had some friends come over and we watched both games. My duel championship dream was demolished as the men lost. So as always, its up to the women, to bring a championship to CT!

Tomorrow, I’m shooting myself, with a camera for a project, lol. I’ll probably hit up Winter Park, take some shots, do laundry and call my dad up for money lol.

Hope your sunday is as planned as mine, kthanksbye!