My Official song for my Afro!

October 18, 2010

I was looking for Willow Smith’s new video for her song on Youtube and this was the first thing that popped up and THANK GOD FOR IT! I was shocked, smiling and wanted to die laughing when everything Bruce (DCfan4life) said in the first verse. I can related to all of that! The hair being flat when I lay down, to loose hairs on my shoulders and especially to people telling me what to do with my hair. “You should have it braided” Done that. Twice. “When are you going to cut your hair?” Not anytime soon.

I Liked, Favorite and Subscribe before the video was done. The song is really catchy, a funny spoof of Willow’s song and the beat is by Mike “Klassicmaster” Kalombo. It’s Frotastic.

“I’m fly, I know, I love my afro”



January 30, 2009

I started making this video back in November ’08. Today was the final class for EDV and I’m done with it. This video is about a guy who loves Mac products. And when the situation calls for it, he can make a Macbook Pro out of a paper clip, ductape and a stick of gum! He name is Mac-Gyver! I know! That’s an awesome idea! It was shot on some HD cameras and edited in Final Cut Pro. With the pre pro, to writing and directing, I’m really proud of this video. My class really seemed to like it, as well as the teachers. I would really like to thank Mark Koenov for starring as Mac-Gyver. He was really good to work with. Also Maggie makes a few appearances in there, as well as, the bloopers.

I hoped you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any comments about Mac-Gyver. Kthanksbye!

PS: Ok this video should’ve been uploaded like hours ago. But noooooo, I had to export so many times, to find the right size for Vimeo’s limit. Oh and Youtube stop smiling, throw up a damn progress bar so I can know when to cancel uploading because its taking hours man! /rant over.