My Official song for my Afro!

October 18, 2010

I was looking for Willow Smith’s new video for her song on Youtube and this was the first thing that popped up and THANK GOD FOR IT! I was shocked, smiling and wanted to die laughing when everything Bruce (DCfan4life) said in the first verse. I can related to all of that! The hair being flat when I lay down, to loose hairs on my shoulders and especially to people telling me what to do with my hair. “You should have it braided” Done that. Twice. “When are you going to cut your hair?” Not anytime soon.

I Liked, Favorite and Subscribe before the video was done. The song is really catchy, a funny spoof of Willow’s song and the beat is by Mike “Klassicmaster” Kalombo. It’s Frotastic.

“I’m fly, I know, I love my afro”


ridiKulus Kouture Model Casting ’10

July 13, 2010

Helped out with the photography side and setting up of this model casting for ridiKulus Kouture a few months ago. The have a huge fashion show coming up in Orlando on August 27th.

See if you can spot the fro!

51FIFTY – Body Bags: The Mixtape

July 6, 2010

Saw these guys on theTimothyDeLaGhetto vlog, where the go-go dancer was shaking that ass like krazy. After watching that 10 sec clip about a dozen times, I finally noticed the music with the DJ; DJ Presto One and the drummer; Dustin J, was pretty good!

Been listening to their mixtape they put out, you should download it. (Under music)

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Jimmy Fallon Mixing the Turntables of Medvedev

June 30, 2010

On Friday, as usual, I was watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, waiting for the “Thank You” notes to be read. But first came the monologue and this was one of his best. This part kilt me (:23):

Best Talk Show Entrance Ever! REMIXED!

June 2, 2010

Yeah, I’m a little late on this, but I watched this when the showed aired and thought it was awesome! Sam Rockwell came onto the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show and came out cutting a rug! Where did he get his moves from?!

And now here’s the Rebolation remixed!

Who has the Best Sweet Iced Tea in Winter Park, FL?

April 7, 2010

When you go out to eat as often as I do here in Central Florida, you hit up the same restaurants over and over but I’ve been ordering one type of drink for a while now. Sweet mother love’n Tea. I heart it so much. I like it really sweet too. So by going to the same restaurants here for the past two years, I’ve decided which one has the best sweet iced tea in town. I’ve rated them with my very special rating system. The official Yo! Jmo Afro Face Book Profile Picture:

Or AFBPP for short. One is the lowest, five is the highest. I based my rating on sweetness, ice to beverage ratio and size of cup/container.  As well as, free refills and serve yourself drink proportion.

Note:  Yes, I have have not been to all the restuarants in Central FL, so that means I’ve haven’t tasted other places sweet tea like Cracker Barrels. This post is only for resturants and not for sweet tea products sold in stores. I’m an expert in sweet tea tasting, this rating system is legit and my opinion on this subject is upholded in the highest regard because I have afro and I’m a blogger. So onto the competition! You may be surprised which place has the highest rating…

Perkin’s: Once you get past the fact that you’re the youngest dinner there, you find yourself ordering tasty pie after dinner. But before dinner is served you have to try out Perkins sweet iced tea. Coming in a medium size cup, their sweet tea is great. A good low ice to beverage ratio makes it a contender. The drink is sweet, but not to sweet. As with most of the resturants in this list, they have free refills, so the watress keeps them coming. I wish the glasses were a little bit bigger but since new cups are brought to you, it doesn’t matter to much. Depending on the meal, I have about two to three glasses. Overall Perkin’s sweet iced tea is great, just like their banana creame pie. 4/5 AFBPPs.

Steak & Shake: I really like their four meals under $4, but of course to wash down those steak burgers and fries, I gotta have their sweet teas. Steak & Shakes beverages are served in big coca cola glasses and also include free refills. The ice to beverage ratio is a little high but I deal with it. One thing to note, is that a few times sweet tea wasn’t available. I had to order Sprite. The horror. The sweetness factor is a medium. Steak & Shake’s teas are a good drink to have when there. 3/4 AFBPPs.

Waffle House: When driving to the other side of town, you better think the drive is worth it, other than the tasty waffles. Their cups are about the size of Perkin’s and the ice to beverage ratio is about the same as well. The sweetness is actually a bit toooo sweet. It’s like they added some left over greace to it. LoL. Free refills as usual. The drink is average at best, yet I’ve order that the few times I’ve dine out there. 2.5/5 AFBPPs.

McDonalds: One thing about these types of restaurants is that you can try out the drinks first to taste test them and see if the sweet tea is actually sweet and fresh. And it seems like it always is. Size of cup and ice to beverage is up to you so have at it! I pour out a little first to see how it is, then add some ice to get that warm on the bottom, cold on the top sweet tea effect. You can’t go wrong with McDonalds sweet tea. Because most of the time it’s do it yourself tea. Unless you go thru the drive-thru. 3.5/5 AFBPPs.

Moe’s: “Welcome to Moe’s” I love going thru the doors of this place and hearing that from the people there. It’s like I’m welcome there. I also order Joey Bag of Doenuts all the time. But that’s where the postives stop for Moe’s. Like McD’s it’s a do it yourself sweet tea. But to me, it’s not good at all. And I keep on getting it, thinking it’ll be good this time! Nope not at all. The tea is just not up to par, I’m not sure what it is. I went there recently and parked next to this Lambo in front of Moe’s:

*Insert random Lambo in front of resturant*

I got the sweet tea and barley drank it. It sat in my fridge for a couple of days, until I poured it out in the sink. I love the greetings from them, but damn their tea makes me want to get fruit punch. 2/5 AFBPPs.

Denny’s:  Another solid sweet tea drink.  No make that very solid.  You know you’re a regular, when the waitress knows what you’re drinking and automatically brings you sweet teas.  Like Perkin’s, the sweetness is just right, cup size is good and the ice to beverage ratio is a tiny bit high.  Free refills of course.  Denny’s sweet tea, is so good, that when deciding where to eat late at night, it’s a top reason to go there, based on the tea.  Sometimes I ask for one to go and they give me one at no extra cost.  Very Solid.  4/5 AFBPPs.

Dickey’s:  This is a local place that we started going recently in Feb.  After you order your meal, you’re given a plastic cup, regular size or omega size!  Their setup is like Moe’s but the tea is so much better.  Good sweetness and you can add as much or less ice as you want.  And you can refill whenever you want but, you don’t want to be that guy, who gets over three refills.  You’re just being greedy.  Plus free soft serve yourself vanilla ice cream!  Tasty!  3.5/5 AFBPPs.

Ale House:  Okay, you knew there had to be one bad one in this list.  This was one of the main reasons to do this post.  Ale House.  Your sweet tea is f@#&ing terrible.  F@#&ing.  Terrible.  It shouldn’t even be considered sweet iced tea.  It’s brown flavored water.  They add a lot of ice to it, the ice to beverage ratio is chart shattering.  Really folks, it’s that bad.  When me and Mark got back from winter break a few months ago, we went to Ale House and ordered sweet tea.  We sipped it and it reminded us how disgusting it is.  We asked the waiter to bring us Sprite.  Thats mad disrespectful to other sweet teas on this list.  I don’t remember if it was this bad when I first ordered it, when I went there for the first time.  But now we avoid it like it has a water based disease in it. .5/5 AFBPPs.

Taco Bell:  While eating at Chipotle with Mark and Joe, Joe was drinking their sweet tea.(Sorry, haven’t tried theirs yet.) We had a conversation about how great sweet tea is and he mentioned Taco Bell’s sweet tea.  I was like, “Really?  They have good sweet tea?”  So a couple days later, late at night, I ordered chicken casadia with sweet tea.  When I put the straw into it and took a sip, I wasn’t ready for what was upon me.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  OMG you guys.  It was near perfection.  The sweetness was sweet.  The ice to beverage ratio was great.  The size of the cup that Taco Bell gives out is the best!  Now you’re saying, this was late at night and it would happen one time.  No my friends, it was great three times in a row.  I remember posting on Facebook about how great the sweet tea was three time in a row.  I don’t go there very often but when I’m hungry late at night, I go to the drive thru and get it.  I feel that I may tarnish the drink, if I go there very often.  But with that being said, I’ve saved the best for last.  Because in Winter Park, FL, Taco Bell’s sweet iced tea, is the best in town.  5/5 AFBPPs.

There you have it folks.  My list of who has the best sweet iced tea.  I’d like to thank all my friends that went out with me to restaurants around Winter Park and enjoyed the teas.  I also like to thank all the restaurants for offering me sweet tea and making me order it whenever I go to a new or old one.  So do you guys agree or disagree with my ratings on this list?  Any favorites or dislikes?  Let me know!  Until next time, may your day, be a sweet tea day.