Parking Lots/Garages the Best Investment?

So on Saturday I went to City Walk in Orlando to meet Youtube’s CTFxCs Charles and Alli(Charles touched my fro and Alli gave me props, it was magical!). The only thing I dreaded about going was having to park in the parking garage and pay $14. $14! I was only going to be there for a couple of hours! I knew how expensive it was before hand but it got me thinking. Who ever owns that garage(Universal Studios/City Walk), must make a looooot of money everyday, just from those two garages.

Think about it, throughout the day it cost $14 for cars to park there, until after 6pm-10pm its $3. And they have two parking garages and on a busy day it can probably fill up during the middle of the day. With all those parking spots, it all adds up. How much? How the heck should I know, I’m just a blogger here.

Anyways this reminds of when Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle, said years ago he was investing in parking lots. He talked about how they are just open spaces and you charge people to leave their cars there. Man I’ll tell you, this guy is a G!

So if you or someone has some empty/wasted space just laying around, bulldoze those trees, clear those bushes and throw some cement/pavement/or rocks if you got em on the ground and invest in parking lots! How else do you think I’m going to pay off these student loans lololololol.

Other random notes and facts about parking spots/garages.

  1. Empty parking lots are great places to teach someone how to drive or how to drive your stick shift(see #3).
  2. Full Sail definitely needs a parking garage or just pave the dirt lot they have back there.
  3. Also be careful when going back to your car at night, you might get sexed up(see #1).
  5. People who take up two spots are jerks.

So there you have it folks, I’ve typed over 340 words about parking lots/garage. Who does that? Yo Jmo does, “The Greatest Blogger With an Afro Alive, Ever”

Photo via Ludimaginary


One Response to Parking Lots/Garages the Best Investment?

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