Driver San Francisco Delayed to 2011

And what that, starts the titles announced at or around E3 to be coming out this year, then becoming delayed to next year. I’m pretty sure Ubisoft’s Driver is the first title to do this but won’t be the last. Here’s a list from that shows most of the games announced around E3 coming out this year and next year.

The new title in the Driver franchise is in the 2010 list but not anymore. Sure the same thing happened to lots of games during the 2009 holiday when Modern Warfare 2 was released in Nov. ’09. That led to quite a number of great games released earlier this year. But with Black Ops out in November and a few driving games coming out later this year(other than the big one GT5), the new Driver title could’ve came out this year. Oh well, it probably needs the extra time on it anyways.

So what other games do you think won’t be released this year and pushed back into 2011?

Oh and I loved Driver 1 and 2 on the Playstation, but don’t get me started on the new Driver game with the whole “driving and transferring to other cars while in a coma” thing.

Photo via IGN


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