PS3: 2006-1999 Surviving the APOCALYPS3

On Sunday night February 28, 2010 I was playing Uncharted 2 online.  I went to Kotaku and saw this when it was just posted.  Holy crap son!  Soon forums were posting crazy things about what was happening and sites were reporting users couldn’t even play games offline and trophies weren’t syncing up.  The error popping up was Error: 8001050F.  “PS3” and “Sony” even became a trending topic on Twitter today.  Luckly I was able to stay online most of the night and not go through this mess.  I didn’t turn on my PS3 for most of the day since Sony said not to.  So what was the cause of this APOCALYPS3?

Well apparently it was a bug in the internal clock functionality in the older PS3 models that weren’t the Slim.  The system thought it was a leap year but it wasn’t and reset the clock to Dec. 31. 1999 for most systems.

Like the Disney/Marvel announcement, people clicked on Photoshop and represented their feelings in the matter all threw out this ordeal.  Here are some I found lurking around Kotaku comments section.

Austin Stephen From Kotaku

Sacchi From Kotaku

Kobun From Kotaku

One thing to note, where the hell was Kevin Butler?! We needed someone during that difficult time and I was expecting him to guide us through it or at least make some funny tweets about it.

Then this guy found out about it and boy was he not happy:

How did I deal with it? Well I went about the day doing 24 things for the 24 hours my PS3 turned off. That included running errands, flirt with a bank teller and eat Teddy Grahams. I even went to Best Buy and played MLB 10 on PS3. Thats not addiction folks, thats DEDICATION!

Around 7pm users starting reporting to able to connect online. At first I was hesitant about turning my 20GB PS3 on. But I was like, f’it, I’m turning it on! And so I did and was able to connect, finally this long nightmare was over!

I found this on the Playstation Blog, made by user VitalogyPJ:

VitalogyPJ From Playstation Blog

Sony should make this into a free t-shirt for Playstation Home, it can show that they can make light of this situation. So how did this Apocalyps3 affect you and what did you think about it? Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again and we all can enjoy gaming on our systems.


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