Just a Sunday Trip to Miami.

Oh hello! When your friend offers to take you down to Miami for the time, you better believe I would take some pictures and make mental notes for a blog post later!

So around 5am me and Mark headed down to Iggy’s place in Melbourne. Of course I would get lost and take the toll and waste like $5 in coins and cash, when there was a simple free way to go. Anyhoot, we arrived at Iggy’s pad and chatted a bit drank some coffee and we hopped in his car and we were off. Usually it takes at least three hours for Melbourne to Miami. But no folks! With Iggy driving we made it down in two hours man! Cerealusly, we were averaging like 80mph, at one point hitting 130. Stick around to the end to hear a crazy cop on the highway story later.

Once there, Iggy was showing us around and we ate at this restaurant with a $4 breakfast, which was fantastical! Then Bertha, Iggy’s good friend, joined us to eat and hang out for the day. After that we checked out some more of the neighborhood and then the pizza party began! And by pizza party, I mean we headed to the beach. Yup random pandom. Not getting or something? Just keep reading because you know you love me so much and wish you had a random ass blog for pandas to read.

We went to this part of Miami, where the locals went beachin’ and boy was there some crazy shit there. After driving for a few minutes, we parked, got out of the car and saw this:




Oh wow thats, hoves? Thats…


The head is missing! What is the explanation here! IDK. Krazy shit. We quickly got in the car and headed to south beach.
Oh yeah! South Beach bitches! Listen peeps, there’s is a lot of beautiful people in Miami. And they like to flaunt there stuff on the beach. Yes kids, women are topless there. Act like you’ve seen boobies kid’os. The beach and water was amazing, as Mark and I yap in the water, under the FL sun.


Oh and you wouldn’t belive the advertisement there of Geico. Cerealusly, the ads of the money with eyes balls were everywhere! From the tolls, to billboards to even those planes dragging the advertisement in the air. Don’t belive Jmo? Check it yo:

Actual size banner.

Actual size banner.

Also south beach is expensive! Like five bottled waters for $30. Once we had enough fun in da sun, we headed back towards downtown. Then Iggy freaked out and was all like, “the cruise is moving you guys!” “It’s going to turn around in the bay, we have to pull over now and see it!” LoL. So we exited and parked near the shore. Quickly I had an opportunity to capture this, so I busted out my Full Sail rented camera and snap photos every three to five seconds of the ship turning in the bay. Please check out the video, that I spent so muuuuch time on and effort into it. Ah who am I kidding, shit took a couple of hours and added a hip track to it.

Alright this is getting long and my fro is tried, so I’ll wrap it up.

Ok we went to Bertha’s house, met her sister, napped, met her cute as a button doggie:


Ate dinner at “The Knife”, said our goodbyes and headed back home. For one day, in Miami on a Sunday, we had a pretty good time I’d say.

Ok on to the cop story!1! With Iggy driving back, he took his time averaging under 80mph, about an hour in or so Iggy slowed down with a cop in front. The cop was going at least 70 or about 80 and with the speed limit 65. Iggy was like “should I pass him?”. “If I pass him at this speed, he’s turning on his lights.” Then this white pick up truck came flying past us switch lanes and slow down right as he got to the cop. So with the cop driving on the fast lane, a black car behind him, us in the center lane and the truck switching lanes, just making it to the cop and pulling back.

Alright with me? Cause the dick move from the cop is near. With that same formation for about 15 miles or so, other cars were getting a head of us. The black car stayed in the left lane and us in the center and the truck behind us. The cop switch lanes to the right and weaved around a car in the center. The black car sped up and the cop car quickly dashed to the center lane and the car were parell and the cop breaked, the black car braked seconds after that but the cop put his lights on, got behind the black car and pulled his ass over! OMG! Iggy was freaking out! That could’ve been him. Krazy shit. Cop was waiting for anyone to try and past him way over the speed limit. Dick wipe.

And after that, it rained really hard. I got lost on the way home. And this post is over.


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