King Size Bed in my Living Room

Oh hello! Been hectic as usual, with school and all. I was up in CT for a week for my summer vacation. It was nice to spend some quality time with my friends and family. But once I got back to Winter Park, it was time to move from my two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom, in the same complex. So with the help of Kamil, we moved all my stuff and roommates stuff into the apt. Yeah my roommate left some things here, that I just couldn’t throw away. Including a king size bed set, that I thought it would be funny to leave in the middle of my living room. Of course I asked if anybody needed or knew anyone that wanted a bed, but no offers basically.

So none of my friends have been to the new place, I’ve haven’t invited them yet:) And I still have to get internet and cable. Bumming off a open, weak signal sucks balls. I sent like a hour yesterday trying to get internet through Comcast and that was full of major fail. Also was thinking about getting a little get together will my friends and have “Bed in the Living Room Party”. How sweet would that be.

Also one quick random thing I’ve noticed. There’s been an increase of girls here at Full Sail like krazy! When I started DAD, there certainly wasn’t a lot of them around. Am I going to take advantage of it? Of course not. Womp Womp.


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