Quickie about school work and living alone.

So for this month’s classes, we’re learning about websites and fixing our older projects to make them even more portfolio worthy. Fun stuff. Also I loved Photography class so much, that I’m taking it again next month. Thats if I can get out of my financial funkiness.

So my roommate graduated from Film on friday, congrats Dan! Also he’s a pretty good rapper, his shit is pretty funny. So instead of finding another roommate and going through all that shit again, I decided to get a single bedroom apartment in the same complex. I been thinking how great it’s going to be, but now I have a feeling it’s going to be weird for a while. With living with Danny, I knew someone was there in the house with me and now I going to be just me! I know, its really stupid, but after living with someone for over a year and a half, I guess I’m going to miss it. I love living down here and living alone, can’t be that bad, right? Yeah I’m over thinking this shit, it’s going to be fine.


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