Quickie about PSP Go! and Yahoo! app is gay.

So first I was about to post a blog about this earlier from My Yahoo, and that shit failed hard. Wasted 15 minutes of my of already wasting life. Anyfuckingways here’s a even quicker update about my two cents for the PSP Go!

  • F0r price wise, don’t be surprised when it gets bundled with the new Gran Turismo for PSP or Assassin’s Creed.
  • The PSP hasn’t had a second analog nub for years and done well, so no need to complain about that shit.
  • PSP 2 will have the second nub and touch screen and all that jazz in the future.

So yeah, the current PSP 3000 will get phased out and the Go! will replace it and PSP 2 will be out later. Also on the recent bonus round for Sony’s conference, Michael Patcher went off on Sony about the $250 price point. That was pretty funny.


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