Bikes, Babes & Bikinis!

Like O-M-G you guys, it’s been awhile huh? Well you know how it goes with school and life. Anyways, so with my first post in awhile and its awesome!

So check it out. For Corporate Branding class at Full Sail, we are doing a project and we have to come up with everything design wise for this mock bike shop it Tampa. So with this type of project, the idea of doing a calender photo shoot didn’t take long. A posting on craigslist went up for models in bikinis and custom choppers. Several girls were interested but, you know how it goes. Once it came down to shoot today, only one showed up willing to work! And she was great, her name was Jennifer and she did a great job, especially shooting outside in the heat and sitting on the hot bikes.(As in the bikes were hot to touch cause of the sun lol, also the bikes were pretty sweet!)  We were shooting at Central Florida Choppers and they’re located next to an on ramp on I4. So with all the attention she got from the cars driving by, we knew we’re doing it right!  Check out some of the behind the scenes: (I’m sure you’ve skip this paragraph and scrolled down to the pictures:)


You like? Want the calender? LoL, sorry it’s only for our project:) Thanks to Bryan for bringing his bike out for the shoot. And to Allen and Jason at CFC for giving us some info about custom bike shops and for letting us shoot there. Thanks again to Jennifer for coming out and doing a very nice job, she looked great! I had a good time and it was an excellent experience.


One Response to Bikes, Babes & Bikinis!

  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    Niceness =) My group got the Motorbike Shop too =D Whatcha name it? But our group presentation was horrible XD aahaha. Hope you’re enjoying the class!!

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