And Then I Met Frotography.

I saw on, that they had a weekend project, where you would imitate a video that inspired you. With DVP class at Full Sail, the first video Mac showed us was, Jared Well’s “And Then I Met Photography”. I’ve seen it before hand and it seems like everyone refers to it.

So I decided to imitate it and make a little video about my afro. I told MZ about it and he started sending ideas to me and the next day we film it in about a hour. At first it was going to be called; “And Then I grew an Afro”. After filming the next day MZ, sent a text that said; “And then I met frotography?” Yes! That title is awesome!

Be sure to watch both videos to get the full dose of it. Music: “Ladyflash” and “Junior Kickstart” by The Go! Team. “Say it so” by Mateo.

Note: my audio is not the best. That’s what happens when you’re editing two video at the same time:)


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