Cloud Conquers my face!

Well I just got rocked by Cloud Conquers City awhile ago, as they performed at their cd release show at the social. They were awesome as usual and their new (and old) songs sounded great! I car pooled with MZ, so that meant, time to get buzzed up son!

Also their was this chick that I was feeling but…later found out…she was a lesbian…then…there was this other, smoking hot brunette with nice heels on but I…Oh whatever this night was all about CCC! LOL! Yeah. I know.

Props to the other bands that played before Cx3, especially the band who covered TI’s “Whatever You Like”!(Update! Found them, They’re After Play Rewind. Check out the cover @ their Myspace page. That shit came out of nowhere and I was feeling that like krazy and MZ was like, “calm yo ass down J-Fro” and I was like, “no MZ you can have whatever you like, whooo!”

Oh and the “Double A Girls” were there, enjoying the show as well:) Best of luck to CCC on their tour and be sure to check them out ya’ll!

Cloud Conquers City’s Myspace Page.


2 Responses to Cloud Conquers my face!

  1. Donald Best says:

    Jason! This is awesome, you’re the freaking man dude thank you sooooooo much for all of your support and for being there for us since way back.
    Sorry about Jeff’s sister’s GF man, lol.

  2. Jason Moore says:

    LoL, that was kind of funny, again great job last night. Had a lot of fun.

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