Pew Pew Pew! And Uconn Lost:(

This Saturday was pretty fun, but obviously not as fun as the epic beach trip I had! Anyways, Mark, Atanas, Yaric, Zabala and yours truly went to the shooting range again today. Before we even got there, I new I wanted to shoot this weapon:


This gun is different from the range’s gun. The gun was 9mm and had a front grip and a red dot sight! Yes attachments son! The gun was so awesome! It had barely any recoil and was really accurate. Check out my first target:

Tore that shit up!

Tore that shit up!

The second time around we had a little competition. It was me shooting first then, Yaric then, Zabala, all shooting from 40ft. Here was my target:

Tore that shit up again!

Tore that shit up again!

Yaric of course had to cheat by, placing the weapon on the table part of the stale.

Next up was a HK weapon, which kept on jamming on us until we figured it out. Here was my target for this one:

Didn't really tore this one up...

Didn't really tore this one up...

Zabala’s target was excellent, he had that weapon locked down. The HK was good but man, the SR 15 was amazing! I can’t wait to use that one again next time. More pics should be up by this week.

Also Uconn lost today:( I was at Kamil’s house, who just happens to be a Michigan State fan, watching the game on a nice projector. They had some friends come over and we watched both games. My duel championship dream was demolished as the men lost. So as always, its up to the women, to bring a championship to CT!

Tomorrow, I’m shooting myself, with a camera for a project, lol. I’ll probably hit up Winter Park, take some shots, do laundry and call my dad up for money lol.

Hope your sunday is as planned as mine, kthanksbye!


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