An Epic Day at the Beach.

Alright everyone, strap your laptop belts on or bolt down your desktop (I don’t know), get comfy, get about 20 minutes of free time because this is going to be an EPIC blog, oh fo sho!

At 7:09am I got a text message from Atanas, asking if I was awake. “Yup” I replied, “going to take a shower”. About a hour later I got to Mark’s and Atanas’s house. We packed up three beach chairs and an umbrella as well as plastic cups, forks and spoons. Yup we was prepared.

We then headed out to meet up at Wesley’s house. MZ was already there and Zion, Wes’s cute kid was ready to go to the beach. Ah Zion. I’ll have more on this little nino later on. About 15 mins. later Ashley and her new roomie Alyecia(I just came up with a cute little nickname for them; the “Double A Girls”, idky:) arrived and mins later we were on the way to Canaveral National Seashore! An hour or so later we had arrived, claimed our spot at the beach and un-packed.



The beach was really nice, and there was hardly anybody there through out the day. So within minutes I was in the water getting tossed around by the waves and doing some body boardin’. Yeah even though the water was cold, my fro was wet and the salt water all up in my eyes, it was all good. Mark and I took a walk down the beach and I looked back and same Mark’s umbrella fly through the air, to the water line. Mark proceeded to high tale it back the way we came to retrieve the umbrella. You had to see it.

A short time after that fun happenin’, I was talking to Wesley about school and shit, when all of a sudden Wesley said; “Dude there’s a dragon fly on your leg man!” What no way! Yes way! It was sucking the life out me and I quickly swatted it away. Ok I thought, that was that, I thought it was ok. “Its right behind you man!” Wesley shouted. I turned around, swung my arms like a wild man, trying like crazy to get this thing away from me. I start to run around and in circles, it’s still after me! I really start running like a mad man being chased by another mad man. Wes says to go in the water and off I go into the water, basically diving in about shoulder length. I get out, check out my surroundings and the coast is clear. Man that shit was intense and I was all out of brea…WHAT THE FUCK?! I look behind me and the damn fly is still fucking with me! I continue my running around the beach like a mad ma…oh right, used that already…all while Wes is cracking up like krazy. I then run to my chair and grab my towel and proceed to go on the offensive and had a final swipe at it and final-fucking-ly it was gone. It did sting a bit when it bit me, but I wasn’t going to cry or anything like that, that would be silly.

After catching my breathe for realz, I finished up chatting up with Wes and the gang. Later on, I took
Zion’s toy shovel and said; “Lets dig to China!”, and started to shovel sand. Wesley somehow translated what I said to “it’s ninja time!”. LoL. He then said; “Lets dig a huge hole man!”(Somehow everything Wes says to me ends in man or dude, its quite cute really.) And then we (mostly me:) proceeded to dig a huge hole. I start shoveling away and with the help of Atanas, Mark and MZ the hole started getting deeper and deeper. Zion, being the cute little helpful one, wanted to toss sand back in. Ah that adorable little bugger.

Well taking a little break right next to the hole, guess who decided to come back for round two. Yes the dragon fly returned! It startrd bothering us and we decided to end this once and for all and kill the little bugger, no not Zion the fly from hell, lol! Then out of now where, it lands right on my left shin. Yelling to MZ, who is holding the plastic shovel, I stick out my leg and say “do it Marcin!”. Marcin looks at me and is like really? “Yes!” I yell…SMACK!!! “Ahhh” as I do why best attempt at a war cry of sorts. “Did I get it?” said MZ. We didn’t see the body or anything on the shovel so it must of survived. Would this be the last and final time it comes around? Maybe…

The “Double A Girls” returned from their little walk down the beach and wanted to help out and so they did. After enough giggling time past, I kicked them out and started working like a mad man, shoveling a mad huge hole in the sand.

Wes, Mark and Atanas went off to get KFC, as I continued shoveling. The “Double A Girls”(ok I’ll stop after one more time) got some sun as Liz kept Zion occupied (or did Zion keep Liz occupied?) and MZ rested up. About this time the hole about chest high for me. I planned out a way to get the hole wide enough for a couple of us to fit it. By making a decent sized circle in the hole, I plugged away shoveling under the Florida sun.

After a short time I guess, they returned and I was really making progress with it! I was making this hole my bitch. Mark yelled out to us and said the food’s ready lets go. I continued working and a few minutes later Mark returned and said; “Jason, come on the food’s ready.” I then turned my head and yelled out, in the most intense voice of my life; “I’M NOT DONE YET!!!” The “Double A Girls”(alright last one! Sorry to Ashley and Alyecia, wait…I’m not:) started busting out laughing like krazy! It was mother flocking CLASSIC!

We then ate KFC and drank some non-iced tea in mega sized cups.  Wes and them saw the progress I made and was impressed fo sho! By noon me and Atanas were working away on the hole. Zion kept on wanting to jump on in. OH! That reminds me, earlier I was getting some Arizona Iced Tea from the cooler and I noticed a cute little lady bug on it. I called Zion over and he seemed interested, as a little kid would be. I then poured about half a cup full of the tea and asked Zion to hold the cup so, I can put the bottle back in the cooler. Yup big mistake. Should of just put the cup down on the sand cause, basically that’s where the drank ended up at, lol. He poured the drank out into the sand and handed the cup back to me. Ah kids. LOL.

So around 2pm, Atanas and I were tired and just ended up here. Then Ashley, Alyecia, Mark and MZ volunteered to be buried in the sand.

testing testing 1 2 3.

During the whole time, we were all laughing and saying dumb shit, all while me, Atanas and Wesley helped bury them. One line, that had me absolutely cracking up was from Wes, who said; “When we are finished, we’re going to have Zion mess on your guys heads…literally” LOL! Also I gave MZ and Mark boobs.


Half way there.


Just a couple of more shovel fulls...



I went around and snap photos as they tried to dig themselves out and we didn’t help them to the end. MZ was the first to get out:

Then Mark was out about waist high and needed some help and this happened:

LoL! As soon as I snapped the photo and it came up on screen, I saw how classic the pic was!


Alyecia was the next out but, my sister from another mister Ashley, had to get her legs all stuck, lol. She had her legs curved outward and she said they were getting cramped so, we all helped and dug her out and finally everyone was out and the “hole” saga was over!

After that, Wes, Liz and Zion decided to leave and they packed up and said our goodbyes. After that, we all went into the ocean and got to cool off and get the sand off our bodies.

Now this being Saturday the 28th, the Shuttle was going to land today right next to us! This was suppose to happen around 1:15 but that got delayed to around 3:10. At around three I told the girls, who were about to take another walk down the beach that, the shuttle was going to land in ten minutes. A couple minutes later and we were next to our chairs when all of a sudden; BOOM! BOOM! Whoa shit! “The sound barrier broke!” me and Alyecia basically said at the same time. We quickly ran to the little patio thing right above the dune and looked out west for the shuttle. Minutes later we saw the shuttle glide down in the distance! Amazing I tell yea!

So the girls went on another walk, this time taking a camera, while I chillaxed on the beach chair and Mark and Atanas were in the water, I think. MZ’s roommate Nicole and her friend, Laura from Chicago, arrived. They setup camp and took in the FL sun as well. OH! OH! Did I mention the huge catcoon, oops I meant raccoon. Yeah here it is:

Yeah so this catcoon, ugh again! So this raccoon was big as hell and he would go in and out of the garbage, like it was hungry for food or something I guess. I wonder if the Full Sail Raccoons, would be able to take on this catcodoafjeifijdklfjaeoifje, ugh! Man what the hell! I’m trying to type raccoon but, when I refer to the one at the beach, I say it wrong. Geez it’s like someone said that during the trip…idk must of been to much sun for me.

Where was I? Ah yes, the girls returned back and started chatting up with Nicole and Laura while, the guys were getting salt water in there eyes.

Wait so what was I doing you ask? Nothing I tell you! I was chillaxing man. Honestly, who pretends to layout on the beach getting some sun, all while trying to listen to the girls conversation? That’s borderline stalker-ish. Ah who am I kidding, I couldn’t hear shit because of the wind. Don’t judge me! Stalker Mode category needed indeed, lol.

Alright, enough tomfoolery aside, the boys returned and chatted up some random things. At this point of the day, I was texting to myself, saving drafts for me to remember about my up coming project. I think Nicole and Laura went on a little walk down the beach and it was getting late.

The “Double A Girls” (Insert time shift, thread jack here: On the following Sunday, we met up at the hookah lounge and were talkin’ and smokin’ some hookah and shit, when Mark asked Alyecia; “How do you say your name? Is it this way or that way? I’ve heard it a couple of ways. Ashley said it the right way and one of them said; “Who said it a different way?” Mark threw me under the bus and pointed at me and said like “this guy” Crap! “How did you pronounce it?” one of them asked. Me being the smooth guy that I am said; “I called her…” Thats it. “I CALLED her…” Laughter ensues and quickly I try to play it off and mention this very post that I’m writing on my blog and told them that I, gave them a little nickname and it was the “Double A Girls” because their names start with an A, they’re both girls and I’m an amateur blogger so, I come up with krazy shit like this all the time…and they loved it! So as of Monday 2:44am, Ashley and Alyecia, will be referred to, in this blog as the “Double A Girls”!:) were the next to leave so they packed up and said our goodbyes. (Wow that got out of hand, just for one sentence, lol!)

The "Double A Girls"

The "Double A Girls" - Alyecia and Ashley

With Double A gone, we went back into the water one last time. By this time, the tide was real low and it just wasn’t as fun as it was before since the waves were all small. So we got out, decide to leave and started to pack up. Nicole and Laura returned and we said our goodbyes.

Finding the way home was ok and like 25 minutes later, they were all knock out. Don’t believed me? Proof!


Atanas and MZ, knocked the hell out!

Mark, doseing off like a lil nino.

Mark, dosing off like a lil nino.

Second shot of Mark and me with a new hairstyle?  Ooooh!  What a day!

Second shot of Mark and me with a new hairstyle? Ooooh! What a day!

Apparently my car puts my friends to sleep.

WHOA ZOMG! Two days to type up, 2221 word count, with 13 pics! What a blog post! Now you have to admit, this shit was EPIC. This post was needed, for this awesome day. Geez if you read this far, then thank you. You may now proceed to unstrap yourself and use the bathroom if necessary. I hope you enjoyed it and if you lol’d at any point of this post, then I guess it was worth it and I got ya bitch!

Thanks to Ashley for the pictures.

Peace the fuck out.


2 Responses to An Epic Day at the Beach.

  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    Yo Jmo!! You write awesome blogs XD

  2. Jason Moore says:

    Thx Dawn Dawn! I sure do!

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