A quick update about updates for Yo! Jmo.

Sup, just wanted to post something real quick about what went on the past few days and what to look forward to for the next couple of weeks.

First, I’m done with motion graphics classes! Yay! They are so stressful for me and just glad its over.

Second, on Friday after finishing up Client Relations class, I went to chill at a classmates house for a couple of hours. Lindsey has the best pets ever! She owns a tortoise, two nice and very playful dogs and two ADORABLE, SO CUTE YOU WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM little duckies! Had a good time there.

Third, Sat went to beach with my friends and had a great time! I was just looking at some of the pictures Ashley posted and in the middle of writing the biggest blog I’ve written so far! Its so awesome, I tell yeah! Should be up once all the pictures are available, so I can do some fun photoshop’n to them:)

Fourth, next month I be working a new video for class about my creative process and talk in third person about shit. But its going to have a comedic feel to it and I hope it turns out well. That should be up by the end of April.

Fifth, months ago I made about five or six bulletins on Myspace(should’ve at least posted them on the blog for myspace) about my favorite 90’s cartoon openings. You know like, Duck Tales, Tales Spin. All that good jazz. I hopefully can create that magic and post them all again for next month.

Alright there you have it. Stuff for Yo! Jmo! Yay! Be sure to check back often as I’ll try to post more often. Kthanksbye.


One Response to A quick update about updates for Yo! Jmo.

  1. poduski says:

    The anticipation is killing me!

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