Mac-Gyver: Pretty Good Bloopers Reel

Here is the bloopers reel for Mac-Gyver. I had a great time filming Mac-Gyver and so did my classmates and was laughing through out editing this video. When I was editing Mac-Gyver, I noticed one of the twins(Jeff or Joe dont know which one, but it was one of them!) said the line; “pretty good bloopers reel” and I was like, I’m so using that for the bloopers video!

Some of the footage not used in Mac-Gyver, showing some of the people in the class actually doing something. My favorite bit in the bloopers is the part with Mark and Maggie in the montage scene that was cut. Their reactions to each other was really funny to watch.

The montage at end with the tough boys song is also a favorite of mine. Using the audio clip of “pretty good bloopers reel” in the beginning, I edited some footage together with the song that, was used in one of my favorite MacGyver episodes, it had ninjas in it!

Enjoy, kthanks bye!


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