Scifi Friday is Back!

Ok hear out. Yes Terminator TSCC and Dollhouse are on Fox and of course, Battle Star Glactica is on the Scifi Channel. BUT!!! On Friday the 13th(Jmo goes krazy!) Terminator will be back from its mid-season break at 8pm and Dollhouse will premire right after it. Then at ten BSG is on. So like ALL scifi fans should be tuning in for three hours of scifi bliss! Then for me its BWE then Letterman. Yup my fridays nights are spent in front of a tv, unless I’m at Mark’s house, in front of his tv.
Here’s a neat promo for TSCC and Dollhouse:

Ok here’s the real line up lol:


2 Responses to Scifi Friday is Back!

  1. poduski says:

    No love for your brolentine?

  2. Jason Moore says:

    Sorry MZ, it was just for one night. No hard feels right? kthxbye!

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