Denny’s Free Grand Slam Extravaganza!

I sent out this mass text to like everyone yesterday:
“Free glad slam @ dennys tomorrow between 6am to 2pm. Go easy on the syrup.”
And this is some of their responses:
Ashley: Lol nice
Nadia: Lol (apparently they really liked the syrup joke or were laughing because I misspelled “grand”)
Dawn Dawn: Yahooo!! Thanks for the heads up *drools*
Christopher: Yo stupid nigga
Troy: ill punch you in the face ps3 lover boy…j/k i love you
Ashley: its probably going to be packed….

Whoa nelly, was it ever!!!

I’m so full! I just came back (about 12:30pm) from eating at Denny’s with my mom, Mark and Atanas. We got there around 11am and there was a line, out the door and all the way to the end of the building! So yeah it was krazy. My mom went to go check out the wait time and she was talking to this employee and got four rain checks for a free glad slam. Yeah he was giving them out to everyone in line but, my mom got them for us so she’s special.

After about 25 minutes of waiting in line this, homeless guy with a dew rag, comes out of nowhere and he drops his pancake in the middle of the parking lot. Now I don’t like to see people down on their luck and all…but this dude was crazy. Mark even said; “they don’t even act like that in New York.” So the guy picks up his pancake and starts talking to it. “No please don’t eat it”, I said to myself. He ate it. Awww man, what a way to kill the buzz, that is free pancakes.

After a half hour or so we finally got inside, ordered and chatted a bit until, the food came rather quickly cause, thats all they were making. The free Grand Slam meal included: two pancakes, two eggs, two bacon and two sausages(UPDATE: Geez I could of told you, to look at the damn picture). So after finishing up we left and drop the yorkers off. Oh one thing, there was a lot of Denny’s employees there. Ok, when we go there at 2am, there’s only a handful but still, seeing all of them run around like krazy is something. Also they had a party of 50 there, so I would say this event was successful and +1 to Denny’s and their employees!


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