Full Sail Raccoon!

While taking a break outside FS2 around 11pm, I meet this little guy. I was outside and another guy was at the other end talking on the phone. These two raccoon came around and starting searching in the garbage. One of them saw me and started walking towards me. He was about twenty feet away and was getting closer and closer! I got up and he stopped and went to the side a little bit. Ok I thought, he’s going away. I sat back down and he continued walking towards me! Is this raccoon for realz?! I grabbed my lappy and went inside with the quickness. The raccoon went to the trash by the door. I then proceeded to update my Facebook status of the situation and had a little conversation with Dawn Dawn:picture-2and then snapped this pic.
I know, it’s crappy, side ways, no thanks to wordpress’s image upload thing. But he’s in the center there looking for some snacks.

Like Dawn Dawn said, “what a small world you live in… hehehe XD” LoLRaccoons!


2 Responses to Full Sail Raccoon!

  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    Glad that I’m a feature on your blog Jason-San!! XD

  2. […] go in and out of the garbage, like it was hungry for food or something I guess. I wonder if the Full Sail Raccoons, would be able to take on this catcodoafjeifijdklfjaeoifje, ugh! Man what the hell! I’m […]

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