A trip around Winter Park with mom, a new system for ’09, & a lady in a black dress.

Today I drove my mom around Winter Park, bringing her to Walmart, Walgreens, to downtown Winter Park, then to Pollo Tropical. Mmm tasty! At Walgreens I saw this thing:
Yup Wireless Sports. Like omg, are they for realz? Lol. I just had to take a picture of it. Hey it’s only $39.99 and a cheap knock off of a cheap system. Oh snap!

Oh and then ladies and gentlemen, I saw something great today. While showing mom downtown Winter Park on Park Ave, I saw this smoking hot lady with short black hair and a nice flowing black dress! I’m telling you guys she had some great legs! Then after driving down the street for a bit, I made a u turn back up Park Ave to get back to Aloma, oh and in hopes to see her again. And so I did. She was on the opposite side of the street and was looking at something. So I then proceeded to pull over, told my mom brb and got of the car and went to talk to her.

Sike! Are you kidding me? Pulling over, with my mom in the car, to only get rejected by her would have been like krazy. Sure she was hot in her black dress but, I’m not that type of dude. Who knows maybe I had chance, or the worst she could say is no or scream help police! LoL.

Hey me, Yaric and Atonas plan on going to Dancers on the weekend so, maybe I’ll meet a nice girl there! Hopefully I won’t fall in love with a stripper like last time…


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