Fake Rockers Starting a Real Band (Unofficial Title)

Oh hello. This was made way back in April of ’08 in Digital Storytelling. This was in the second month of DAD. It was also my first time making a video like this and working with Final Cut. I though I would upload this after working away with Mac-Gyver. So I cleaned up some audio and tighten some edits. Yes the video of Rock Band playing doesn’t go to the song.

Basically the story is about these guys who suck at playing real instruments and so they play Rock Band instead. You see the band getting interviewed and see them “getting along”.

My favorite part of the video would have to be the credits. Yeah there’s a lot of funny quotes from Yaric but, the way I edited it with bloopers in it and had Fall Out Boy playing, it seem to fit really well.

Cast: Kristian “Papa” Zabala, Mark Koenov, Leonard Marafitte and Yaroslav Sikorski.
Written, Produced, Directed and Shaky Cam by Jmo.

Mac-Gyver trailer coming soon!


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