Having a asthma attack, First Kid, getting braids, Mac-Gyver!


Oh hello there, thats me, with braids, WITH a cool guy shape up and with my name in multi-colored letters above my head. I think I’ve had that for a while. Anyways before I talk about my braidz, lets talk about asthma.

It sucks. So last monday, I was having trouble breathing and was wheezing really bad. I did have my inhaler but it was empty and supposed to be refilled. At around 4 am I called my dad and told him what was going on. He came to pick me up and we drove to the hospital. I guess what triggered the attack was from being in warm weather down in FL to having very cold weather in CT made it happen. My little nephew who also lives in FL and traveled back up to CT for the holidays also, had trouble breathing.

There was only one doctor that night and I didn’t get treated until 8 am. I know! Luckly one of my favorite movies came on TBS in the lobby area:
Thats right bitches First Kid starring Sinbad! It was tough trying to laugh because of my whezzing, that was kind of funny though. The tv(a lcd I might add) had closed captioning on it so, I got to read little things that I’ve never noticed Sinbad said before. Then after that Dennis the Menace Strikes Again starring Don Rickles came on. I know! It was cheesy to the fullest but, my dad loved it! He was cracking up like crazy. At around 8 am. I finally got treated and got two prescriptions and returned home. Gotta love my dad for taking me at 4 am. And cracking up at Dennis the Menace.

So on Friday(1/2/09) I went to Fade Away in Hartford. My cousins were talking about me getting my afro braided before. I though sure why not. I sat in the chair, felt the pain of my hair getting all twisted and was finished in about two hours. I forgot the name of the lady who braided my hair but shout out to her! After that I got a cool guys shape up to finish it off. I like it a lot. Heck every time I look in the mirror I’m like “Whoa who is that dude, oh thats me!” My family and friends who seen them like it. I plan on keeping them for at least two weeks. My head is already starting to itch though.

Oh and Mac-Gyver! I’ll going to start editing the video I made a while back for class staring Mark Koenov as Mac-Gyver. You’re wondering why I spelt MacGyvers name like that? Well that video is about a guy who loves Mac products and can make a Macbook Pro out of duct tape and paper clips. Mac-Gyver! Its going to be pure awesomeness.


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