Two girls + Camera x Taco Bell = A photo being uploaded on Facebook…

…As I type this, while recovering from my brain ‘freeze’ from the strawberry Frutista Freeze.

Yeah so while waiting in line in the drive-thru at Taco Bell, a girl gets out of the Saab with Mass. plates ahead of me and stands in front of the menu. There goes a flash. No not like that! From a camera lol! Then another girl joins her from the driver’s side in a cute dress no less and they pose and take a picture. This was at around 1:45am just a while ago. Now this tomfoolery would be fine in Winter Park, FL. Oh but no, I’m in Vernon, CT right now and it’s was 32 degs out, with a lit drizzle happening. Sure I got a kick out of it, no harm no foul. I’m just wondering, when not if, they are going to upload those photos on Facebook or whatever. In a little while I’ll be searching Flickr with keywords like “Taco bell drive-thru”, “krazy friday night” and “black guy with afro laughing behind us”. LoL.

Oh and poo poo on Taco Bell for ending the three steak burrito promotion! Yeah it was going to end at some point but damn it sucks when you want that and you hear “sorry that promotion ended” and thinking “wonder what the blondes ahead of me got?” Same thing happened with the Grande steak and cheese quesadilla:(


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