Motion Graphics Branding Project – Pixel Junk Eden

Oh snap, son jay did it to em. Yeah in their face 2x’s!

Oh hello, just wanted to pump you guys up. LOL. Any hoot, here is my print ad and 30+ second video, I created for motion graphics class at Full Sail. We were to choose a product or a cause and create a layout for it, like for a magazine and a 30 second video. We could use all the effects but not video or 3d.

At first I was going to do something with Crop Over and have a lot of dancing and celebrating going on to represent it. I had the music, the pre pro but, I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Everything was due at 5pm on Friday, Dec.19. I didn’t get anything done until, on Tuesday, Dec. 16, when I decided to scrap the whole damn thing and go with Pixel Junk Eden, a game I’ve been playing on and off for weeks. Yes ladies and gentlemen, all the assets I made for this project in Photoshop and Illustrator and were put together in After Effects, was done in less than four days!!!

Here is the original print ad I showed during critiques:

The main complaint, oops I mean critique I got from the teacher was that, in my video it had different graphics in the background and here it’s just a black background. I was trying to recreate the main menu for the game here and in the first 10 seconds of the video.

Here is two others I create using the assets from the video, both during my flight from FL to CT!

I like the pinkish one, it’s pretty.

AND FINALLY here’s the video. We were only allowed 30 seconds and I did that for the critiques but, while on xmas break I wanted to extend the video just a few seconds more to tweak somethings here and there. Seriously who opens up After Effects during their time off school? Jmo does. I wanted to recreate the opening main menu as well as the gameplay for Pixel Junk Eden:

I learned a lot this time around for example; the pink tower with the yellow curves used the stroke effect and I used that through out the video with the silk and black tree. Whoa what a long post! If you read most of it than +1 for you, if all of it than +2 for you! Music: Become part of this(First 10 seconds) and 637 volpe(rest of the video) by Baiyon from the PixelJunk™ Eden ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.


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