A sales pitch from The Shoppes at Buckland Hills.

So while doing some shopping and looking around the mall to see what changed(finally they got rid of KB Toys!) when I was approach by a lady with some lotion in hand extending it to me. Ooohh free lotion! Sure I’ll take some! Gotcha noob! Lol. So she hooked me in and this conversation followed:

Lady: So doing some last minute shopping, for the ladies in your life…
/thread jack, Sports Center guy just shouted out a kid from Winter Park, FL. Near Orlando he said. Kool beans!/end thread jack.
Jmo: Yeah there’s just to many to count.
Lady: I like your hair.
Jmo: Thanks!(This fro is getting so much attention!)
Lady: Is there a finger nail you don’t like?
Jmo: Ummm, *looks at hands*
Lady: *Takes my right ring finger and starts working on it with a rectangle thing* So this material is from the red sea.(something like that)
Jmo: k.
Lady: Do you like magic?
Jmo: Well it’s a illusion really…
One min. later with some more scrubbin and talkin
Lady: Look how nice it looks.
Jmo: *Looks at finger* Whoa thats shiny!
Lady: So all this can be your as a gift for your mom, for only 69.99…
Jmo: *Steps back* Well my finger nail is really shiny but, that too much.
Lady: Well got any sisters?
Jmo: Yeah…
Lady: Well I can offer you this one and this for…
Jmo: I’m going to have to pass. It was a really good demonstration and a nice product…
Lady: Ok(seems a little mad that she wasted five minutes of her time)
Jmo: Have a good one…*slowly backs away, turns around and walks briskly away.

Man what a story, looking at my nail hours later it’s still relatively shiny! Kind of felt bad and would’ve gotten it but, dang finger nail cleaning package, you too much!

Later I saw Rico, a friend from MHS, said whats up to him and he gave me a complement about my afro. Really I should have had this thing years ago./thread jack again. WOW Dave Letterman just talked about a lady asking him about the dead sea and mins later he was getting a facial right in the mall. What are the fucking odds! I just spent 20 mins typing this post out and Dave gave this little snip before doing the top 10 list! *Mind Blown!*/end of thread jack.

Maybe I should grow my hair out a least once a year from now on. Maybe. Oh and it’s Christmas eve now, I hope I get some new socks tomorrow!


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