Motion Graphics Bumper – Yo! Jmo

Ah, you thought I forgot about you, huh blog? No worry’s, I gots some post for you.


Here is my 15 second bumper that I create for my Motion Graphics class at Full Sail. We weren’t allowed to use any effects expect for Color Correction and Blur & Sharpen effects. When the video starts up you see “Yo! Jmo” in black letter with a bunch of different patterns around it. The letter then transform to Y all the way to o, using the patterns, ending up the patterns in the letters at the end. Assets were created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Put together in After Effects.

My bumper(and the name of my blog) is a throw back to the logo for the Yo! Mtv Raps show that aired during the 90’s. The music is Paper Planes(instrumental) by M.I.A.

Rant/Oh and I’ve been trying to put the image of Yo! Jmo from pictured up top and trying to get the right size for the damn thing. I was getting so frustrated with the wordpress image header croping bullshit. Maybe if I give wordpress $10 a year, I might be able to fit the whole damn image for my header!/end rant

Special thanks to MZ for helping me with posting the video.


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