Did You Know? Quicktime has filters edition.

So while actually paying attention in class, I learned something neat today. Our teacher was showing a example of a text in quicktime and it had this filter on it. Then he asked if anybody knew that Quicktime had this in the settings. Well no, I didn’t, so he showed us and I will show you.

First take a clip or anything thats .mov and select FILE Export.

Then click on Options.

Next click on Filter.

And here you will have five differents settings to change to the video.

Pretty neato right? So you take a 50% grey solid from AE, export it and then add this effect to it. Then bring it back to AE and take that grey out with dissolve and you can use it. Thats one of the examples the teacher told us.

Also I just ate a really good philly cheese steak. Mighty tasty.


One Response to Did You Know? Quicktime has filters edition.

  1. dawn says:

    lol – why does the picture of the toast look so familiar?

    I love how you “actually paid attention in class” and actually learned something neat hehehe =D Gambate Jason-san!!

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