Follow the leader, leader leader…

…follow the leader!  Oh man that song is so great.  So I’ve been listening to a socamix102 from DJ Ghetto D while working on my bumper.  I busted out this link Trini Jungle Juice from my bookmark and it has alot of soca music from the islands.  

There’s a lot of great classics that me and my sisters would party too while riding in the van, in Barbados.  Be sure to check out Timmy – Bumper Catch A Fire, Pong – ABC Highway and Kimberly Inniss ft Lil Rick – My Hips.

Listening to the soca mix got me ‘thinkin’ about my branding project and I thought it would be a great idea to do it on Crop over. Yeah it’s not a product or anything like that but, it is different and I’m sure they will let me do it. One thing I’m worried about that project would be the assets for it. Making assets for our motion projects requires a lot of time and work for me at least. Creating assets to represent Crop over and the whole soca music thing feels daunting and I’m still have my bumper to complete! None the less, I sketched out some scenes and ideas for it.

Speaking of my bumper, thats coming out fine as I play around in photoshop and hopefully get some work done this weekend. We’ll see how that plays out. Here’s a little taste:

Damn still got to find a song for this bumper. Maybe…Bumper Catch A Fire!


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